Our Fees

It changes depending by the month of your stay. Have a look at camper booking calendar to get your quote.

May & October

490€ for 1 week
270€ for 3 nights
120€ for 1 night

June & September

690€ for 1 week
350€ for 3 nights
120€ for 1 day
3 nights minimum rental

July & August

690€ for 1 week
120€ for 1 day
1 week minimum rental
Weekend on request


Would you like to Have more comfort? Take a look at our list. Prices are for the entire rental period.

Camping Chair €10

A cozy camping chair is the best way to enjoy the sardinian landscape and relax while having some coffee. If you love the outdoors this extra is for you!

Camping Table €20

Sitting outside, deep in the scents and sounds of nature while having your meal, can be a trip. So plan to try this wondeful experience!

Child car seat €25

If you bring a child with you, we have a confortable and safe child seat for your baby.

BBQ €10

This portable BBQ is one of the most compact barbecues we have ever seen. You can barbecue in every moment and every place you want. It is easy to carry and to use. So, enjoy your tasty grilled meal in every wished moment with our BBQ.

Sleeping Bag €15

The bedding of your camper c'mon should be enough to keep you warm at all times. However, if you are sensitive to cold or if you are traveling during the months of May, September, October, renting a sleeping bag extra might be a good idea. We offer different models, from lightweight to heavyweight. Choose yours.

Bio detergent kit €8

How many times flying with just your hand laugage you had to leave at the security check your products? This time we'll take care of that! We give you the chance to hire our rechargeble detergent kit: shampoo, bodysoap, dishwash, all high quality and strictly Bio. You will use and leave the bottles, we'll recharge at each rent in order to cut any useless waste. Lets save the planet! +think -tank

Extra pillow and linen €10

If you share a camper van with friends or family here to share extra linen to share also the comfort!

Solar shower €5

Enjoy a warm shower while you are on your trip, with our solar shower. This shower can hold up to 20 liters of water, which means you can take a warm shower thrice or four times when the shower is full. The water gets heated up by the sun in just three hours without requiring batteries.Get this camping shower filled with water, relax under the soothing warm shower, and have fun while camping with your friends.

Bike rack €25

If your idea is to rent a bike to explore the fantastic Sardinian trails or just to make a stroll down the beach, what you need is a bike rack, here you are!

Rechargeable speaker €10

Bring your favorite music. Thanks to our portable and bluetooth speakers, it will become the soundtrack of your holiday. Essential

Portable WC €25

If you choose to visit the city and decide to spend the night in a parking lot downtown, make sure you take our portable Wc.

Acoustic guitar €20

The people you love, a van parked on the beach, the stars, a cold beer and a guitar. A good trip is always accompanied by good vibrations

Coleman Rechargeable Lamp €10

Our Led lamp is powerful and high durability. You can recharge it whenever you want with its adapters 12v and 220v. Ideal for your outdoor evening

Mosquito Hammock €10

For all who like to rock off into sleep. The mosquito hammock offers as much space as a bed and can be used on both sides, with or without the net.