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Our Fees

It changes depending by the month of your stay. Have a look at camper booking calendar to get your quote.

April, May, October, November

690€ 1 week (7 days / 7 nights)

330€ 3 days / nights

120€ 1 day / night

June, July, August, September

790€ 1 week (7 days / 7 nights)

360€ 3 days / nights

130€ 1 day / night

A cozy camping chair is the best way to enjoy the sardinian landscape and relax while having some coffee. If you love the outdoors this extra is for you!

Sitting outside, deep in the scents and sounds of nature while having your meal, can be a trip. So plan to try this wondeful experience!

A beach umbrella, 2 beach towels for sun bathing, two divings masks, a bucket a shovel and shapes for kids, floaties, a frisbee and rackets to stay in shape and avoid boredom! Choose our package and avoid buying plastic that you won't be able to bring back home with you! Let's save Sardinia from plastic!

If you arrive by plane and haven't got much room in your suitcase don't go crazy trying to stuff it, book a towel service and in the camper you will find 2 hand towels and 2 shower towels. It'll Be more convenient than boarding extra luggage!

Do you wish to bring your dog or your exotic pet with you? C'mon campers Is glad to welcome them. On board the vehicle you will find a double Bowl for water and food, a carpet for doggy bed time and an extra couch cover to avoid stressing about fur on the furniture so that your vacation Will Be a pleasure for him as well! The price also includes the extra cost for the presence of the four legged creature!

If you bring a child with you, we have a confortable and safe child seat for your baby.

This portable BBQ is one of the most compact barbecues we have ever seen. You can barbecue in every moment and every place you want. It is easy to carry and to use. So, enjoy your tasty grilled meal in every wished moment with our BBQ.

If you share a camper van with friends or family here to share extra linen to share also the comfort!

Enjoy a warm shower while you are on your trip, with our solar shower. This shower can hold up to 20 liters of water, which means you can take a warm shower thrice or four times when the shower is full. The water gets heated up by the sun in just three hours without requiring batteries.Get this camping shower filled with water, relax under the soothing warm shower, and have fun while camping with your friends.

If your idea is to rent a bike to explore the fantastic Sardinian trails or just to make a stroll down the beach, what you need is a bike rack, here you are!

Bring your favorite music. Thanks to our portable and bluetooth speakers, it will become the soundtrack of your holiday. Essential.

If you choose to visit the city and decide to spend the night in a parking lot downtown, make sure you take our portable Wc.

Our Led lamp is powerful and high durability. You can recharge it whenever you want with its adapters 12v and 220v. Ideal for your outdoor evening.

If you wish to spend a few days at rest without travelling, for example at the beggining or at the end of your trip with the camper, or your Flight departs early in the morning or late at night and you want to Save a day of rent, here's the solution! We offer you the possibility ti spend One or more nights at out house in our outbuilding.

  • .Flight research, accomodations, tranportation..
  • .List of points of interest, restaurants, bars.
  • .Check-in list(to not forget anything).
  • .Personalised itineraries, based on allegato your budget and desires.
  • .Development of your personalised itinearary through a virtual 3D tour with routes and photos. To live the emotion at its best even before leaving.
  • .Personalised App with the insertion of points of interest agreed together(you'll never Be alone and you'll Always have our assistance).