El Stanco

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Included with El Stanco you will find

Two Beds,Blanket, pillows, sheets for two,Fridge,Gas stove with two rings, Sink with running water, Small table inside, Kitchen Kit (dishes, glasses, cups, pot, pan, cutlery, colander), Italian coffee maker, Brush and dustpan, Connection for camping / socket 220v, Unlimited km, Insurance/Road assistance, Radio, Awning

Please Note

- Only the 30% of the amount will be charged by Paypal , you will pay the rest when you return the keys of the campervan.

- Follow the minimum booking nights, otherwise your reservation will not be accepted.

- You will pay extras separately when you’ll pickup the van.

- The keys of the camper must be returned in time.

April, May, October, November

690€ 1 week (7 days / 7 nights)

330€ 3 days / nights

120€ 1 day / night

June, July, August, September

790€ 1 week (7 days / 7 nights)

360€ 3 days / nights

130€ 1 day / night

For any other questions about taxes and reservations, see the Faq page.

Selecting multiple days simultaneously our system automatically calculates the discount applied by different types of rates. You will pay extras separately when you’ll pickup the van. Once the appropriate fields have been filled, the reservation is complete and you will be redirected to the Paypal secure checkout.