Rental Conditions

The conditions are detailed in the Rental Agreement. Please note that rates are subject to change at any time and without notice. It is understood that such changes will not affect ever on bookings made before the change itself. It is also understood that the rates on this website are valid only for reservations made in advance.

1. Prices (costs included)

1. All prices include: 
    – Unlimited kilometers
    – R.C.A. third party insurance

2.  Prices (costs excluded)

Prices do not include the costs of: – fuel
      -Extras on demand
      -Tickets and contraventions for violating the street code

3. Payments and cautionary deposit

The payment Is requested prior to the delivery of the vehicle along with a 900,00€ cautionary deposit.
a) the payment can be made via PayPal, Bank Trasfer or Cash.
b) the deposit can be made via PayPal, Bank Transfer or cash.
In either case the deposit will Be returned within 3 days after the rent Is over.

4. Minimum Age and drivers license

– Minimum Age required: 21
-B drivers license released by a country member of the EU
-For holders of a drivers licence released by a non EU country an International license Is required. – Minimum Age 21

5. Refuelling service

The insurance does not cover damage caused by improper use of the vehicle and/or lack of experience of the client, for instance the damage of: coachwork,roof, pop up tent, internal furnishing and furniture, tires, wheels and wheel cover, silencer, mechanical parts, fuel tank, crystals. Also, damage caused by vegetation and weather are not included. Vehicles are NOT insured against theft and fire.

6. Non insurable vehicle parts

They are axcluded from insurance cover damage to the roof,roof tend, interior, windscreen wipers, tires, rims, wheels cover, muffler, silencer, oil, shock absorber, fuel tank, crystals.
Are also excluded ( for any vehicle) all damage caused by vegetation

7. Delivery service

The rented vehicle will be delivered FOR FREE at the airport of Alghero or where agreed with the client within the urban area of Alghero. If the client wants to recive the van somewhere else around the island, than will be applied an extra fee depending from the place required.

8. Return service

All vehicles must be returned on the agreed date and time ( for the return a delay up to 30 minutes will be tolerated) otherwise the client will have to pay a fine equal to an extra day of rent.

9. Loss or damage of keys

In case of loss or damage of the vehicle’s keys the client will have to reimburse the amount of 120,00€, whilst in case of loss of the documents ( or the vehicle’s license plate) the amount to reimburse Will be of 350,00€.

10. Bookings and anticipated payment

For bookings an anticipated payment equal to 30% of the total price of the rent Is requested. Without the anticipated payment the booking will not be considererei valid.

11. Cancelled booking

In the case a confirmed booking Is cancelled 30 days before the beggining of the rent, no penalty Is applied. If the annulment happens between the 30th and the 16th day, the cost will be of 50% of the original price; if It happens after the 16th day the penalty results in the total price of the rent. No reimbursment Is planned in case the client, due to personal reasons, delays the beggining of the rent or if he ends It early.